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Invisalign is a type of clear aligners that are used to treat as an orthodontic device; they are a transparent and plastic form of invisible braces used to adjust misaligned teeth. Invisalign is one of the 27 clear-aligner products which are on the market.

Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to braces. These clear aligners are the virtually invisible way to improve your smile using a series of custom-made removable aligners that gradually move your teeth to the ideal position.

How does Invisalign® work?

  • Initially, your orthodontist will take photos, X-rays, and digital scans to help create your treatment plan.
  • These records along with the treatment prescribed by your doctor are then used to create a customized 3D treatment plan just for you. With the 3D treatment plan, you’ll be able to see the final position your teeth are predicted to reach after treatment.
  • This treatment plan is used to develop your customized aligners and also estimate the likely length of your treatment.

What are some of the benefits of Invisalign® treatment?

  • Invisalign® aligners help you smile better without having to worry about anyone noticing them. You don’t have to go through wires and metals that make you conscious.
  • Invisalign® aligners are removable making it easier for you to clean your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.
  • If you have a special occasion coming up, you don’t have to worry as you can conveniently take your aligners out for that time and put them back when the occasion is over.
  • You can eat and drink whatever you want; continue your favorite activity or sport.