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Laser Dentistry

Dental Wellness is the leading clinic for Laser dental treatment in AECS layout. Laser dentistry is an advanced dental procedure with a minimally invasive method that is used to perform gum extraction, tooth removal, and other treatments.

What is laser dentistry?

Lasers are a relatively new feature of dentistry. Dental lasers use focused beams of light and can remove tissues more comfortably and more precisely than using conventional dentistry.

What are the benefits of using laser dentistry?

  • Shorter treatment duration and recovery time as healing is faster
  • Minimises bleeding and swelling during surgery
  • Reduces scarring of surrounding tissues
  • Reduces the risk of infections
  • Guide tissue regeneration
  • Reduced discomfort and anxiety

What can be treated with laser dentistry?

  • Tooth decay –Lasers may also be used to help a filling bond to the tooth or to remove decayed tissue during a root canal treatment.
  • Gum disease –Laser dentistry is highly effective when treating gum disease, as it can help to eliminate the bacteria causing this infection, sterilising the treated areas and removing any gum tissue too damaged to heal while leaving healthy tissues intact. A dental laser can remove the excess gum tissue, creating a more cosmetically pleasing smile.
  • Impacted wisdom teeth – Lasers can help cut away gum tissue to expose wisdom teeth that have only partly erupted or are stuck (impacted) in the gum.
  • Sensitive teeth – Dental lasers can help seal tubules in tooth roots to reduce the tooth sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks.
  • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) – Low-level lasers can help reduce pain and inflammation in the temporomandibular joint and surrounding tissues.
  • Stained or discoloured teeth – Lasers are sometimes used in professional teeth whitening treatments to activate the bleaching agent and speed up the whitening process.